This webzone contains profane and unfunny humour, as well as absolutely mindnumbingly stupid writings and works, all thanks to the bitch in charge.

If any of this is not to your liking, then the website is likely not for you and will not make you happy - keep browsing on.

Otherwise, feel free to stay, peruse the sections above and (g)awk at this absolute fucking mess.


Hello, my name is Rose A. Violet, also going by Slashed Out. I am a she/her in my 20s, and odd to a fault.

I am on the autism spectrum, and rolled the "have immense trouble with socializing" from that particular bag - if i say something rude or hurtful then it was likely not intentionally so. Please politely point out that I said something hurtful, rude or harmful when faced with such a situation, and do not assume the worst from me! I would apprecieate that a great deal ^v^.

I like Homestuck, computer crap, silly stuff and edgy stuff, and finding odd, but intriguing stuff. The odder the better!

I am slowly chipping away at an unofficial Polish Homestuck translation over at https://homestuck.pl. Feel free to check it out!

Otherwise, enjoy the contents of this website!